Shalom Respite Care Centre was started by Sister Wendy Mackie in 1989.  Having worked for many years as a matron at Woodside Sanctuary, she realised that there was a real need to offer respite care to families who care for a profoundly physically and/or intellectually disabled dependent on a full-time basis, enabling the family to take a break in order to be able to recharge their batteries and continue with the task of care giving.

Wendy purchased a small farm outside Magaliesburg on the Koster Road and then approached Anglo American who gave her the initial funds to erect the first building.  With time and sponsorship from other sources, Shalom grew.

In the mid 1990’s, it became obvious that offering respite care on its own would not be a viable operation and so a small number of longer term care residents were enrolled.  In addition, in quieter times of the year, the Centre takes groups from special needs centres where the visitors can experience a holiday in the countryside.